Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO)

Rohingyas' first organization in Canada to serve the hopeless Rohingyas all over the world. E-mail:,, Tell: 519-572-5359
CBRO is a non-profit organization-registered # 1976121 and registered
with CRA.

Testimony by Nur Hasim, Chairman of Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization to the International Human Rights subcommittee meeting at Canadian House of Commons, Ottawa, on May 19, 2016

Are we witnessing a genocide? A discussion with experties

  On February 8, 2016 at 5:30pm Nur Hashim, Chairman of the Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO) of Canada has deliberated speech and discussed on are we (Rohingya minority) witnessing a genocide? at Moot Court Law Faculty at McGill University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada   Prof. Dr. Abid Bahar has deliberated speech ch with slide show on Rohingya genocide in Burma. The event was moderated by Asso. prof. Frederic Megret, of Law , McGill University; Canada Research Chair on the Law of Human Rights and Legal Pluralism; Dawson scholar and organized by Jews Holocaust Centre of Montreal.

Rohingya Solidarity Workshop "Enhancing and Strengthening Solidarity: Organized by: Humanity Malaysia in collaboration with OIC and Euro Burma Office (EBO)

The Chairman of the Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO) Nur Hashim attended at the Rohingya Solidarity Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 21-23 October 2015. The Workshop was attended by participants from civil society, international organization, human rights groups academia, no-governmental organizations as well as leaders of Rohingya organizations.  


 His Excellency OIC Special Envoy for Myanmar Dr. Sayed Hamid Albar, who is also President of Humanity Malaysia and former Foreign Minister of Malaysia, facilitated the workshop. Dr. Hassan Abdein, Head of Minorities and communities Department of the OIC and Mr. Harn Yawnghwe, Executive Director of the EBO also participated at the workshop.


 The Workshop reaffirmed its commitment to work for the following six priorities:

1. Enhancing and strengthening Rohingya Rohingya solidarity and unity

2. Reinstating full citizenship rights of the Rohingya

3. Promoting education and training for community empowerment

4. Provinding access to basic public health & humanitarian relief

5. Enhancing advocacy, interfaith and confidence-building measures

6. Ensuring protection against human rights violations and violence

Chairman of the CBRO discuss with The Honorable Jason Kenney on Rohingya crisis in Burma and the Rohingya diaspora

 On June 29th the Chairman Mr. Hashim of the Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO) discussed with The Honorable Jason Kenney, Minister for Multiculturalism and National Defence on Rohingya crisis in Burma and Rohingya diaspora at the Minister's Regional Office in Kitchener, ON Canada at from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.

Vulnerable Pupolations: Radicalization at home, and persecuted Muslim Pupolations abroad-Mississauga, ON Canada

The Chairman, Nur Hashim of the Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO) delivered speech at the conference on Rohingya persecution and human rights violation in Burma/Myanmar on Agust 3th 2015 at 1:00pm to 4:00pm in Mississauga, ON, Canada   

 The Key Note Speaker, The Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of National Defence and Minister for Multiculturalism delivered speech at the conference on the Rohingya issues in Burma/Myanmar as well as other ethnic minorities.                                            


The President and a Fuounder the Human Rights Organization, Rev. Majed EI Shafie delivered speech on the human rights violation against the ethnic minorities around the world. He urged the Canadian government to pressurize those who committed to atrocities against innocent people.   

CBRO urges Canadian Government to press Burma on Rohingya ethnic Cleansing

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Chittagong, Bangladesh: The Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization of Canada (CBRO) urged Canadian government to press Burma to stop ethnic cleansing of Rohingya through the so called the 1982 citizenship law and recently killing and destroying Rohingya lives and properties, said Nur Hashim, Chairperson, CBRO when they met
Honorable Stephen Woodworth, Member of Parliament of Canada and House of
Commons. See more in activities. 

The CBRO CEC members held a meeting with the Canadian Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Deepak Obhrai at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canad


On September 19th 2012 the CEC members of Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization of Canada (CBRO) held a meeting with Mr. Obhrai at 4:00 to 5:00 pm regarding ongoing hatred violence on Rohingya muslims minority in Arakan State of Myanmar (Burma), the members of the CBRO handed in a petition letter with multiples demands to him, please click on the following links.

CBRO's members speak in The Record News paper on a stateless people seek their place in the world

Burmese Rohingyas resettled in Kitchener offer glimpse into ongoing persecution in their native region.


CBRO's members had a meeting with the coordinator for Myanmar Amnesty International and refugee coordinator of Amnesty International regading human rights violations on Rohingyas in Burma and refugee camps else where in the world

 CBRO meet Amnesty International Canada official to discus Rohingya problem

The members of Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO) with coordinators of Amnesty International, Canada. Please read more in the news release.

 The members of Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization (CBRO) with coordinators of Amnesty International, Canada

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